How To Save Cash Just For Women!

A lot of women feel that it is harder for them to save money, simply because they need to spend more on items such as haircuts, professional makeup, clothes, accessories and so much more! However, you will find that are is more than one amazing women friendly way to save cash that will have you living a grand life at no extra cost.

Sign up for trial sessions!

Places such as beauty salons, gyms and spas have trial sessions that you can attend for free. Hairdressers often need volunteers on which they can teach the art of cutting hair. Makeup artists require these services as well. Gyms often offer a free 7 day trial while you can score a quick manicure from a salon on days they offer free trails! Put together, you have a great way to save cash from your disposable income each month.

Start selective shopping!

If you simply cannot live without your weekly skin care routines and a monthly visit to your favourite shops, consider doing it only when you can get a deal or bargain. Many places offer discounts and sales for just a day and if you go around only on these days, you will definitely find to be a simple way to save cash on your shopping trips.

Stop focusing on the brand!

Why buy $75 worth of wine for your girls night in or special date when a $25 bottle will taste the same? Why buy groceries from only « farm fresh » brands when buying groceries in bulk will work better? Why go only to coffee shops for a cup when you can make the same at home? If you stop being brand conscious and become money conscious instead, you will end up saving money every single day.

Sign up for coupons!

While it may seem cheap to use a coupon at a corporate dinner or at a first date, nothing should keep you from availing these offers at all other times. Start pinching pennies, join a coupon service and save money on everything from clothes and makeup kits to themed restaurant nights and amazing seats at a concert.

Once you get the hang of these money and women friendly habits, you will find a lot of money going into your savings deposit at the end of each month rather than towards an ever increasing debt! All you have to do is start focusing on a way to save cash each week and make it work for you!